WebAssembly Beginner to Advanced 2020

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Boost your web applications and run native code on the web with WebAssembly^ Emscripten^ Qt and more

Covered topics:

  • Learn what is WebAssembly and why it is useful
  • How you can use it to speed up your web applications
  • Compile C/C++ code to create Web Assembly (wasm) modules
  • Use the powerful Emscripten compiler for local compilations and more
  • Learn the low-level parts: memory and tables
  • Create advanced applications using the Emscripten glue code
  • Understand and use the WebAssembly Text Format (Wat)
  • Call C/C++ functions from JavaScript
  • Run JavaScript functions and expressions in C/C++
  • Debug the created WebAssembly modules


In this course you will learn what WebAssembly is^ how can you use it and benefit from its capabilities.

This is a brand new technology which lets you to run your C/C++^ Rust^ AssemblyScript code (and many more to come) on the web by using assembly-like binary files.

You will learn:

  1. To compile your C/C++ code to the WebAssembly binary format (wasm) using online compilers^ and after this^ the Emscripten toolkit locally.

  2. The low-level building blocks of a WebAssembly module

  3. The WebAssembly Text Format (wat) and use it to solve complex problems

  4. How to use the Emscripten Module object and the generated glue code

  5. Call C/C++ functions from JavaScript and vice-versa

  6. Debug and launch the Emscripten web server

  7. Compile a Qt project to WebAssebly

If you want to be a part of the future of the web development^ this is the best place for you to start. You will get to an advanced level of using the web assembly technology in no time.