Vim Text Editor - Learn in 10 steps^ for beginners.

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If you want to be a faster coder^ you should give the editor VIM a try. This course will teach you the basics.

Covered topics:

  • Code using the Vim editior
  • Use Vim @ Work
  • Be more productive with coding hours
  • Join the elite coders who already use Vim


Vim is one of the most widely used text editors in the programming industry^ not because it s the newest or shiniest^ but because it can be found (or can be installed) on every type of system and more importantly it makes it possible to work / code must faster then you would otherwise.

Why doesn t everyone use Vim if it s so great? Well it does not have a standard GUI which means all the tools it provides must be memorized. People often think this is too much to learn at first and never try^ but with this course^ Jason Elbourne shows you the basic necessities to get up and running with Vim. The course won t take up to much of your time. They will make your day to day coding much more productive^ saving you time.

Topics include:

  • Entering and leaving vi
  • Understanding the Command^ Insert^ and Colon modes
  • Moving around in files
  • Editing text
  • Moving content with delete^ yank^ and put
  • Searching with regular expressions
  • Customizing vi
  • Filtering text through shell commands