The Complete Guide to Apache Airflow 2020

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2000+ Students! Master Airflow like a professional.

Covered topics:

  • Install and Setup Python and AirFlow
  • How to use DAG s theoretically and practically in AirFlow
  • Start of by creating your own basic Workflow
  • Explore and Work with the UI/Airflow Server
  • Test Workflows created with AirFlow
  • Master different types of operators
  • Work with variables and XCOM
  • Schedule your workflows
  • Integrate Airflow and Slack and send out alerts and notifications
  • Set up SMTP with Airflow and send out emails
  • Use Airflow Logging
  • Use Google Cloud Composer with Airflow


Whether you are a QA professional looking for a way to automate your tests or a developer looking for a one stop shop to manage your entire workflow design and development cycle Airflow has a solution for you . For business analysts Airflow can help you with the design of your ETL workflows.

You will get a quick grasp on Apache  Airflow. It is one of the best set of workflow management tools out there^ with the ability to design and develop scalable  workflows for free.

Whether you are looking to get some experience with Airflow or a professional looking for a tool to design and development your workflow you will find what you  need here. Everything is well documented and separated^ so you can find what you need. Assignments and Quizzes will make sure you stay on track and test your knowledge.

Installation and Setup

Install and Setup Python and AirFlow on Windows/Mac .

Essential Concepts

Learn the concepts you need to work with a workflow management system like Airflow.

Hello Airflow!

Create your first workflow and get a feel for the tool.

Airflow UI!

Spin up the Airflow WebServer and find your way through the User Interface.

Airflow Technicals

Take your first steps in AirBending as you learn different Airflow features in detail.

Connection and Integrations

Integrate Airflow with other commonly used tools.

Google Cloud Composer

Move your workflows to the Cloud!