Starting with Backbone.js

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Know all about Backbone.js

Covered topics:

  • Code a Backbone js app with an Online IDE
  • Understand and use Backbone library components
  • Compose functional components in Backbone s MVC paradigm
  • Use Backbone Models to manage application data
  • Learn to raise & handle Events in Backbone
  • Implement Backbone s powerful Router
  • Implement Backbone Views to control an app
  • Style a Backbone app with Bootstrap
  • Understand what Backbone is all about^ and how it can help you as a developer ... and much^ much more!


By its nature^ working on a web application usually involves a lot of JavaScript (duh). And as any developer will tell you^ it often doesn t take long for your JS code start winding through a whole heap of other elements like HTML UI speed ramps^ jQuery roundabouts^ and who knows what else. For complex applications a more structured approach can make life easier for everyone. Enter Backbone.js^ the JavaScript framework that does exactly that. Here s what this Backbone.js online course can show you...

 The Backbone of Web App Development 

  • Get to know Backbone.js and how it can help you
  • Code a Backbone app with an online IDE
  • Compose functional components in Backbone s MVC paradigm
  • Raise and handle Events
  • Implement Views to control and app
  • Use Models to manage application data
  • And much more!


Understand Models^ Events^ Views and More 

The core of Backbone.js is representing your data through Models which can be created^ validated^ destroyed and saved to the server^ and Views that display the model s state and respond to changes. So after a quick introduction^ this is what you ll learn first.

 Having laid that foundation^ you ll move onto the other important concepts of Backbone such as Events^ namespacing^ templating^ routing^ and much more. You ll then build a guestbook app and style it to perfection with Bootstrap. Additional resources and hands-on tutoring will help you every step of the way^ no matter what your skills or experience level.

 By the end of the course material^ you ll be well equipped to use Backbone for developing your own web apps^ and will have a greater understanding of how frameworks can elevate your developing skills (and make your life a whole lot less stressful^ too).

 Although intended for IT professionals^ hobbyists are more than suitable for taking this course too. Some experience in creating web UIs with JavScript tools would be an advantage^ as would programming with a common object-oriented or scripting language. However^ you don t need any Backbone experience whatsoever. We ll teach you everything you need to know!


What is Backbone?

 Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework designed for developing single page web applications and for synchronizing various elements of web apps. It was created by Jeremy Ashkenas (of CoffeeScript and Underscore.js fame) with the intention of giving developers the freedom to design the full experience of a web application. It helps keep business logic and user interface neatly separated. Backbone is praised for being lightweight and only depending on one JavaScript library.