SAS in Practice

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Learn and apply SAS programming skills using practical examples

Covered topics:

  • Understand the importance of SAS and its usage and install the Base SAS University edition
  • Understand and use the fundamentals of the SAS programming language
  • Access different types of data (excel^ SAS or text)^ explore it^ then prepare it in a clean and analytical format
  • Manage and manipulate datasets by working on SAS data libraries^ sorting^ applying conditional logic^ assigning^ modifying and aggregating variables^ and validating and cleaning data
  • Analyze and prepare reports on data using different procedures and export results to common formats such as PDF and Excel
  • Understand PROC SQL^ its syntax^ and the power of macros to create modular programs
  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors and examine and resolve data errors^ thus enabling error handling in SAS


Are you looking to become a data analyst or data scientist? If so^ there are various tools and techniques to implement data analytics^ but SAS offers many benefits as your first programming language to master: it’s easy to learn and has a user-friendly GUI. To date^ it holds the highest market share of all the analytics tools available. If you have little or no programming background and want to get started with SAS^ then this is the right course for you!

This course will help you become a confident and proficient data analyst and SAS programmer by giving you the hands-on knowledge and in-depth understanding of the SAS programming suite and how to utilize it effectively. Additionally^ it will help you master different techniques in SAS to manipulate your data. You’ll learn how to work with SQL queries and generate effective data reports. Moreover^ this course will provide all the content you’re looking for to prepare for the SAS Base certification exam.

By the end of this course^ you’ll have a thorough understanding of the fundamental SAS concepts^ along with rich hands-on experience of the SAS suite.

About the Author

Ekta Saraogi is a computer engineer with over 12 years experience. She started her career as Java developer and delivered the e2e SSO web portal for ARC^ based out of USA. She then led the Java implementation and delivery for payment gateway solutions for AMEX UK. Currently^ she leads an e2e solution design for BT TV for UK’s British Telecom Plc. During her career^ one thing that always intrigued her is the power of “data” to drive business outcomes—driven by the right tools. Her own data focus has enabled her to deliver cost-effective business analytics solutions for global businesses.

She is now a freelancer and corporate/online trainer and mentors in data science with SAS^ R^ and Python. She works on various projects across different domains for global clients across the US and UK.