Qt Quick and QML - Intermediate : Interfacing to C++

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Connect Your Fluid and Dynamic Qt Quick(QML) User Interface to a Powerful C++ Back End

Covered topics:

  • Interfacing Qt Quick and QML to C++
  • Building your own QML Types


Qt Quick is the latest and greatest User Interface design technology from the Qt Framework.It is best known and used to build Fluid^ Dynamic and cross platform user interfaces^ that can run on Windows^Mac^Linux^Android^IOS and even embedded devices.

Qt Quick User interfaces can be easily extended or interfaced with a powerful C++ back end. Allowing you to take full advantage of what Qt has to offer.

This course will teach you various key techniques you need to know to make your powerful C++ back end and your shinny fluid Qt Quick User interface work together in one single piece of software product.You will be exposed to  different facilities at your disposal in the Qt framework.Those will help you write Qt code in the recommended way. That is building fluid an eye catching UI in QML and connecting it a a powerful C++ code base for heavy operations.

The ideal student for the course is someone who already knows their way around both the C++ side of Qt and Qt Quick , and is willing to learn how the two sides can communicate.So if you are rusty on either Qt C++ or Qt Quick(QML)^ please learn the basics first. If in doubt^ do check my previous courses on both Qt C++ and Qt Quick.

You will take advantage of lots of straight to the point and easy to understand lectures^ most of them backed by engaging demos for you to try out the concepts on your own right away.

If you re looking to learn how you can get your Qt C++ and QML code bases to connect and talk to each other^ this course will get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

The course starts right away getting your hands dirty doing things like Calling C++ methods from QML^Calling Javascript/QML methods from C++^ Using Q_PROPERTY mechanism to propagate properties and changes between C++ and QML and more.

You then get to take a comprehensive look at how your data is transformed when you juggle it between QML and C++. Next we do a live demo, a REST API client that downloads data in C++ and feeds the data to Qt Quick for display. The course then dives in one of the most interesting topics of registering a type in C++ to be used and instantiated in Qt Quick. This will allow you to create your own QML types like Person^ Car^ Tomato^... On top of that you ll also learn how to make your own QML Apis more readable and usable by incorporating features like Object and List Properties^Default Properties^ Attached Properties and Property Value Sources.

Qt is the platform choice for thousands of software projects and used by some of the most successful companies on the planet today. Learning how to make your C++ talk to your shiny Qt Quick UI will unlock the door to really using Qt the way it should be used today. Leveling up your skills as a Qt Developer.

Please check out some of the preview videos^ and lets get you STARTED connecting your powerful C++ back end to a Dynamic and Fluid Qt Quick User Interface.