PyCharm for Power-Developer

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Optimize Pycharm s strength to develop application easily.

Covered topics:

  • Create high-quality code with PyCharm
  • Recognize the different methods of using quotes to contain your text in the print function
  • Understand how to create a project with the Flask microframework
  • Navigate through the source code of a project and the source of python libraries
  • Improve your code quality with Lens Mode and Intentions
  • Use Python with database and web technology development
  • Discover how to write^ refactor^ test^ and debug Python code with PyCharm
  • Understand how code completion works in PyCharm for Python and JavaScript


Python is a beautiful and fast-growing language used to develop programs to efficiently analyze data^ create eloquent software solutions for real-world problems^ and design original web apps. PyCharm brings the robust and mature tools that you would expect from Visual Studio or Eclipse to Python development and provides you with a one-stop shop for all of your development tool needs.

In this course^ you’ll learn how to improve your code quality with Lens Mode and Intentions^ refactor and debug code^ and perform unit testing with the PyCharm test runner. Along the way^ we’ll work with SQL databases. Further on^ you’ll learn to integrate Python with web projects that include HTML and JavaScript and build a project with the Flask microframework.

By the end of the course^ you’ll be well-versed with a terrific tool for Python development—PyCharm—and be able to do everything expected of a Python developer.

About the Author

Melissa Dale is a Research Assistant at iPRoBe Lab. She is currently working with Python in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Her previous research has focused on Software Engineering with a focus on design patterns and how they evolve over time. For her research^ she has had the opportunity to explore using multiple languages including Python^ Java^ and Statistical R.