NativeScript - prepare^ optimise and publish app

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Preparing^ optimising and publishing NativeScript app on Apple Store and Google Play

Covered topics:

  • How to build and optimize nativescript app
  • How to prepare assets for the app
  • How to release app on Goole play store
  • How to release app on Apple store
  • How to use a sidekick and NativeScript CLI


First we will prepare our application for a release. We will set a various metadata for the app: name^ unique ID^ version number and name. We will also prepare assets for the app: icons and splash screen graphics. We will build our firs app file for Google play store and also I will show how to optimize it to reduce file size and make it run faster. We will publish our NativeScript app on Google Play store for android. Once we deal with google^ we will move to Apple developer account and I will explain quite complicated process of having certificates^ identifiers^ devices and provisioning profiles. When all done and prepared^ we will create our file and publish it in Apple Store connect.