Master Automation & Web Services Testing using UFT/QTP

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Become an expert in Web Services Testing and Automation using HP UFT

Covered topics:

  • Master Web Services Testing
  • Master Automation Testing using UFT


Course Materials were last updated on September 27th^ 2015: Updated UFT videos will be added to this same course on monthly basis to keep you updated with latest skills with this one-time purchase.

This is another award winning and popular course from us and we are showcasing it on Udemy for the first time. Just like our other courses^ we have kept all the intro and basic course videos available for preview for your convenience so please feel free to explore and test drive it. If you want to become a master in Web Services Testing and Automation using HP s Unified Functional Testing (UFT)^ look no further and dive into this course.

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) does cost a fortune but it s still a market leader in the automation testing industry. Nowadays^ many open source and low-cost automation tools came into play but QTP and UFT are still popular for their advanced features and controls. UFT provides a better control over our automation process and it came up with many advanced and useful features QTP did not have. It is suitable for both people with non-programming and programming backgrounds. UFT supports VB script for customization and better control which is easy to learn. However^ it has been difficult to find a end-to-end UFT training solution for basic and advanced UFT features including Web Services Testing. It is essential to have UFT skills to be able to gain competitive advantages in today s market. QAEversity is committed to provide a unique learning experience for delivering UFT training online. In this course^ we cover all the important aspects of UFT starting from the very basics to the most advanced level concepts. This course treats every student as a freshman and explains each and every single step thoroughly. It can be a great source to brush up a specific topic or master the entire course. This course covers basic and advanced topics including^ new features in UFT 11.5^ new features in UFT 12.02^ concepts of Web Services with live examples^ manual testing of live Web Services^ Web Services testing using UFT^ Automating Web Services using UFT^ Automation with UFT and writing descriptive programming/vb script in UFT.