Learning Path: Yii 2: Design Applications with PHP

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Learn to develop Real-world web applications and web services with the new features of Yii 2

Covered topics:

  • Explore Yii 2 framework and application development using it.
  • Write your applications more efficiently using shortcuts^ Yii’s core functionality^ and the best practices in Web 2.0.
  • Learn to use Yii 2 with different JavaScript Frameworks and libraries such as WebSockets^ Angular^ Ember^ Backbone^ React.
  • Develop a deep understanding of writing RESTful Web Services using Yii 2 and its built-in features.
  • Get data from database^ and deal with Active Record^ migrations^ widgets^ and core features.
  • Implement your own Yii extension and make your extension reusable and useful for the community.
  • Gain knowledge on the best technologies^ such as Codeception^ PHPUnit^ Atoum^ and Behat.
  • Build attractive user interface for your application with Twitter Bootstrap framework.


Are you a PHP developer working on Yii framework? Do you want explore the new features of Yii 2 for creating fast-paced^ secured web 2.0 based applications? If yes^ this Learning Path is for you.

Yii is a high-performance^ component-based PHP framework for rapidly developing modern web applications. The name Yii can be considered as the acronym for Yes It Is!. Yii 2 inherits the main spirit behind Yii for being a simple^ fast^ highly-extensible PHP framework.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

This Learning Path begins with installing Yii 2 framework^ learning about application templates^ dependency injection container^ and model events. Then^ you’ll learn to use your external code along with updating your existing Yii 1 applications to Yii 2. Also^ you’ll be familiar with some main methods for working with databases in Yii 2^ such as Active Record^ Query Builder^ and direct SQL queries through DAO. Next^ you’ll learn to write RESTful Web Services using Yii 2. Further^ you’ll learn to deploy and test your applications securely with introduction to some best technologies^ such as Codeception^ PHPUnit^ Atoum^ and Behat. As the Learning Path progresses^ you’ll be introduced to Git and its most used commands to work smoothly in a distributed team. You’ll also learn to develop customized and reliable web applications along with making these applications responsive using Twitter Bootstrap framework. Finally^ you’ll learn to secure your applications by encrypting and decrypting data using Yii 2 components.

By the end of this Learning Path^ you will have a deep understanding of the new and advanced features and concepts introduced in Yii 2 framework and application development practices using it.

About the Authors:

For this course^ we have combined the best works of these esteemed authors:

Alexander Makarov is an experienced engineer from Russia and has been an Yii framework core team member since 2010. Before joining the Yii core team^ he participated in the growth of the CodeIgniter community in Russia. . He has been a technical reviewer for books on Yii as well.

Dmitry Eliseev has been a web developer since 2008 and specializes in server-side programming on the PHP and PHP frameworks. Since 2012^ he has authorized his personal blog^ about web development in general and about the Yii framework in particular. His blog has become a well-known resource in the Russian Yii community.

Andrew Bogdanov is a seasoned web developer from Yekaterinburg^ Russia with more than six years of experience in industrial development. Since 2010 he has been interested in the Yii and MVC frameworks. He has worked on various CMS and frameworks using PHP and MySQL^ including Yii^ Kohana^ Symphony^ Joomla^ WordPress^ CakePHP^ and so on. He is very good in slicing and frontend^ so he can provide full information about the Yii framework.

Vitalii Tron has about 7 years of experience in programming and he has been developing Yii-based applications for 4 years. He graduated from the Sumy State University in the Mechanical-Mathematics School of Computer Science department. He also successfully finished post-graduate courses at the same department. Vitalii has amazing job history at Elance^ where his clients have left delighted feedback about his work.