Learn SQLite Programming on Android Kitkat

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Get started with SQLite development on the Android Kitkat platform. Premium quality course taught by American Expert.

Covered topics:

  • Get your first database driven App ready!
  • Advance on to more complex development topics using SQLite
  • You can Easily create quality apps that communicate with SQLite database


Android platform is used to make new and innovative mobile applications by smart developers to make full use of all functions connected to handset internet. Unless you are making the most basic of Android applications^ you need data management and the platform uses the SQLite database system^ which is an open-source and stand-alone SQL for this purpose.

Database is the lifeline for every application and for ALL serious Android App Developers knowledge of SQLite is a MUST.

SQLite eases the data-storage burden and makes it easy to incorporate powerful database features that provide users with a much more interactive experience.

In this miniscule course on SQLite^ our expert American Tutor starts off on the basics of Android Application with example of a simple app creation. All the lectures are simple^ professional and straight to the point.

The course spans about 110 minutes of HIGH Quality Videos which consists of 11 Lectures and Assignments.

Our prime focus is to ensure that learning is simple and done methodically through easy to follow video sessions. All topics are easy to learn and presented in digestible short 5 to 15 minute videos with real world examples and demos. The course contains discussions and demos to test your skills. All demos come with full source code that you can download and use for your projects.

We hope that our course has benefited you and you enjoyed taking it^ just as we enjoyed making it for you. We have received positive reviews from students for specific subject courses like this which are small^ easy to learn and are a kind of reference source in the field.

We are always available to you for SUPPORT through the Udemy Messaging System if a need arise. Please do not hesitate to approach us with any query on the subject.