Learn SAS Programming from Scratch

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Become a SAS analyst by learning the basics of SAS programming and advanced topics like SAS SQL Procedure and Macros

Covered topics:

  • Understand SAS as a programming language and see the benefits of SAS over Excel
  • Import data into SAS sorting data^ merging two datasets and using if-then-else commands
  • Use logical operators such as “AND” and “OR” to select particular portions of the data
  • Work with data and procedure statements in SAS. Report a graphical presentation^ and create an output
  • Access different types of data (Excel^ SAS or text)^ explore it^ then prepare it in a clean and analytical format
  • Manage and manipulate datasets by working on SAS data libraries^ sorting^ applying conditional logic^ assigning^ modifying and aggregating variables^ and validating and cleaning data
  • Analyze and prepare reports on data using different procedures and export results to common formats such as PDF and Excel
  • Understand PROC SQL^ its syntax^ and the power of macros to create modular programs
  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors and examine and resolve data errors^ thus enabling error handling in SAS


SAS is a programming language designed specifically to analyze statistical data. SAS transforms data into insights^ which can give you a fresh perspective on business.

This course is your complete guide to learning the SAS programming language. This course covers all aspects of SAS programming^ starting from basic concepts like variables^ methods^ datasets^ SAS Procedure^ and importing data in SAS environment to performing operations on data using conditional statements and functions in SAS. You will learn different techniques in SAS to manipulate your data. You will also learn how to work with SQL queries and generate reports from your data. All of the concepts are covered using a structured^ practical implementation through mini-projects. You’ll learn in a hands-on coding way^ working in a SAS programming environment^ and getting a detailed step-by-step explanation and implementation of each concept.

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 2 complete courses^ carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

In the first course^ SAS Programming in 7 Steps^ you’ll learn how to get your data into SAS by reading data through various methods. You’ll see how to create SAS data and import SAS data. You’ll work with data by using conditional statements and functions in SAS. You’ll also learn about various SAS procedures to work with your data.

The second course^ SAS in Practice^ will help you to become a good Data Analyst and a SAS programmer by giving you the hands-on knowledge and in-depth understanding of the SAS programming language and the SAS tool. It will help you master different techniques in SAS to manipulate your data. You’ll learn how to work with SQL queries and generate reports from your data. More importantly^ this course will provide all the content you’re looking for to prepare for the SAS Base certification exam.

By the end of this course^ you ll have a thorough understanding of the SAS concepts along with good hands-on experience of the SAS tool to become a professional SAS analyst.

Meet Your Expert(s):

We have the best work of the following esteemed author(s) to ensure that your learning journey is smooth:

  • Aditi Pratap Sampat completed her master’s in Statistics at the University of Bombay. She has worked extensively on various analytics platforms during her work experience at GE Capital^ Oracle^ Morgan Stanley^ and ICICI. Currently^ she is working on ad-hoc projects related to research in the analytical and legal spheres. Her personal hobbies are traveling^ listening to music^ singing^ and teaching.

  • Ekta Saraogi has been a computer engineer by profession for the past 12 years. She started her career as Java developer and delivered the e2e SSO web portal for ARC^ based out of USA. Her next venture was leading on a Java implementation and delivery for payment gateway solutions for AMEX UK. Following that^ she leads an e2e solution design for BT TV for UK’s British Telecom Plc, During every role she has carried out and every stint she had^ one thing that always intrigued her was the power of “data” to drive business outcomes—is driven by the right tools. Being hands-on with technology and driven by the quest to develop those “right tools”^ she ventured into the field of Data Science to extract the best out of her technical and business functional experience—to drive and deliver cost-effective business analytics solutions for global businesses. She is now a freelancer and corporate/online trainer and mentors in Data Science with SAS^ R^ and Python. She works on various projects across different domains for global clients across the U.S. and UK. She has a few publications currently going on and is soon to be published in the Machine Learning and Data Science fields.