Learn Puppet 6

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Automate server configuration with demos^ real-world examples^ and hands-on coding exercises

Covered topics:

  • Build a Puppet environment in the cloud
  • Master the different modules of Puppet
  • Use facts for advanced configuration options
  • Configure a cloud-based Puppet master and Puppet agent
  • Use Puppet to configure multiple Puppet environments and manage files
  • Refactor configuration code for Puppet masters and Puppet agents
  • Master Puppet architectures and configurations
  • Use Puppet and spend less time writing and testing scripts


Puppet is a DevOps configuration management tool used to configure a large number of servers efficiently and prevent configuration drift. Puppet automates your IT configurations by taking control of the configuration settings for each server in your enterprise. This course gets you up-and-running with Puppet 6 and will take you from a complete beginner to a confident Puppet user.

You ll learn how to build a Puppet environment in the cloud^ explore different Puppet distributions^ and configure them. You ll work with different Puppet 6 modules^ learn to configure a cloud-based Puppet master and Puppet agent^ and utilize its advanced configuration options. You ll learn how to configure multiple Puppet environments^ manage files with Puppet^ refactor the configuration code for Puppet masters and Puppet agents^ and use the right Puppet architectures with the right Puppet configuration. You ll use various resource types available in Puppet, write your own manifests, handle dependencies^ implement simple and advanced configuration techniques^ and explore how Puppet handles system resources.

By the end of this course^ you will have gained the skills you need to manage your IT infrastructure effectively with Puppet and will be proficient with Puppet^ spending less time writing and testing scripts.

About the Author

Bob Hendry is a technology writer based out of Chicago. Over the past 25 years^ Bob has written many books on software development. He also has extensive experience teaching in academic and corporate environments. He specializes in DevOps tools and has authored dozens of courses on tools such as Puppet. He is a former columnist for the Java Developer s Journal and the New Product Editor for the Wireless Business Technology Magazine. When he is neither writing nor teaching^ you can find him spending time with his family or attending Chicago Cubs baseball games.