JOOMLA 3 E-COMMERCE now! Open Your Free Shop with VirtueMart

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You will learn how to make full Joomla e-commerce websites to build your own home business with a free Joomla extension.

Covered topics:

  • How To Use The VirtueMart E-commerce Extension to Open a Great Shop online
  • How To Set Up A Beautiful Joomla ecommerce Website Quicky & Easily
  • By the end of this course you will be able to setup an eCommerce store allowing anyone to buy from your store
  • How To Add Additional Features Through The Joomla/VirtueMart Marketplace
  • How To Collect Money Via VirtueMart
  • Add unlimited products and take payments for your products or services
  • Styling your store and Theme Customization
  • Understand the structure and potentiality of VirtueMart to use it easy and save your time


You know Joomla and do you want OPEN A SHOP ONLINE EASILY?
MAKE MONEY selling your products with Joomla e-commerce?
Save your time?

And you do not know how to do it?


VirtueMart is a free extension for Joomla website to open your custom e-commerce without payed.

Why pay Hundreds^ if not Thousands of dollars for training OTHER ECOMMERCE When You can receive high quality^ interactive^ web-based VirtueMart training at a fraction of the cost? 

Introducing excellent^ online training VirtueMart That Allows you to learn at your peace without spending entire days at a time away from the office or your college. The course includes basic introductory lessons to Joomla Extension: VirtueMart e-commerce. You learn commands and techniques for store setup^ Adding new products^ create categories^ Tax settings^ shipping methods^ Payment methods^ Changing page layouts^ and more with VirtueMart with ease. You will become familiar with the VirtueMart interface^ customization Store ^ Adding pages to storeAdding products to the home^ precious Menu detailsmanaging your store^ processing orders ^ Paypal and others payments ^ Making store live !

The course is presented via an intuitive^ easy-to-use interface^ Allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Are you ready to open your Joomla E-commerce NOW !!

The course package:
+ 32 professional video tutorials (about 4:30 hours total!)
+ 1 exercise tutorials: step by step^ how to create your amazing online store
+ Videos always available^ 24 hours on 24
+ Learn When You want (every day or week -end)
+ Open your first free website eCommerce with the power of Joomla!

The course outline:
+ What Is VirtueMart?
+ Installation
+ Lets Get Started
+ The Dashboard
+ Support online 
+ Store Setup
+ Add Item to Store
+ Add Category
+ Check Out Options
+ Setting Tax
+ Shipping Methods
+ Making Store Live
+ Payment Methods
+ Payment Options
+ Paypal Payment
+ Adding Pages to Store
+ Changing Page Layout
+ Adding links to NavBar
+ Adding Products to the Homepage
+ Custom Themes
+ Using Custom Domain Name: URL
+ Processing orders
+ Managing customer database
+ Maintenance Mode
+ Managing Users and Permissions
+ Managing Store &, Search
+ Product ratings
+ Customer reviews

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PS. If you finish this course^ in the last lesson^ there are special awards! Start now!