Joomla! 3 Development Workflow with Vagrant and PhpStorm

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Learn how to setup your development machine^ debug and version your code^ how to package and deliver Joomla extensions.

Covered topics:

  • Use a virtual machine for Joomla! development
  • Experience a professional IDE
  • Know how to use a debugger
  • Know how to use version control to keep track of all the changes made
  • Automatically build new versions of the extension
  • Test the extension on a separate testing environment


New to Joomla! extension development? Start off on the right foot by first learning the tools that will help you become a professional Joomla! developer. Start integrating state of the art tools and best practices in your workflow. 

Already an experienced Joomla! extension developer? Look over the course curriculum and I am sure you will find some interesting topics that will enhance your exiting knowhow and workflow. 

So what is the problem I am trying to address with this course?

Most of the books or articles on Joomla! development focus on building your first module or component^ but do not really talk about the setup needed in order to actually be a successful developer.

I have been involved in the Joomla! community for a couple of years now^ following discussion groups and forums^ so I have a good idea about the level at which most of the extension developers are (especially the ones just starting with PHP development).

While it may actually seem easier to just change code on a production server or to install tools like XAMPP or WAMP^ I want to present you a workflow that will not only save you time in the long run^ but it may provide a solid understanding of how Joomla works.

You are here because you want to learn something new^ right? So if you want to be serious about Joomla! development (or PHP development in general)^ please do exactly as I suggest^ even if you may not agree with some points.

Thank you for your time!