Introduction to UML (Unified Modeling Language)

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Learn Class Diagrams^ Timing Diagrams^ Use-Case Diagrams^ Activity Diagrams and much more

Covered topics:

  • Reading and creating Class Diagrams (Bonus : Aggregation^ Composition^ Inheritance and Interfaces)
  • Reading and creating Object Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Package Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Deployment Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Use-Case Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Activity Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Communication Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Sequence Diagrams
  • Reading and creating Timing Diagrams


This course contains introductory information about Structural UML diagrams^ like:

  • Class diagrams^

  • Deployment diagrams^

  • Package diagrams^

  • Component diagrams^

  • and Object diagrams.

And behavioral UML diagrams models like:

  • Use-case diagrams^

  • Activity diagrams^

  • Sequence diagrams^

  • Communication diagrams^

  • State machine diagrams^

  • Timing diagrams

We ll teach you all of them with a real-life examples.

We don t want to waste your time^ because we eliminated unnecessery parts^ comments and etc. We focused only the important points of topics. And also we are trying teach slow enough for you to follow easily too.

In addition to them^ this course also contains AKINCI Training s quality standards:

  • Dubbed by 40-year-experienced voiceover professional^ in his professional recording studio^

  • All videos has 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution^ video animations and effects^

  • All videos have closed captions for you to understand easily^

  • And contains premium support which means average response time is less than 24 hours

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