Introduction to Data Warehouse and Teradata Basics

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Excellent overview on core components Data Warehousing system & where does Teradata Database fits in this Architecture.

Covered topics:

  • What is Data Warehouse and Data Warehousing
  • Why do we need Data warehouse
  • Advantages of Data warehouse
  • Where is Data warehouse used
  • Core components of Data warehouse Architecture
  • What is Teradata Database.
  • Where do Teradata stand in Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Who use Teradata
  • Roles & Responsibilities of an Teradata Developer
  • Classifying Teradata Database Administrators as an Application DBA & System DBA
  • Roles & Responsibilities of an Teradata Application DBA & System DBA


This tutorial is intended to give an overview on^ What is Data warehouse^ Why we need Data Warehouse^ Components of Data Warehouse^ Difference between Operational Database &, Data Warehouse DataBase^ Difference between Data Warehouse DataBase &, DataMarts.

Next it focus on Teradata Database^ Where does Teradata come in Data Warehouse Architecture^ Who use Teradata.

Later in the tutorial we will cover details on Teradata Developer roles and responsibilities.

And Classification of Teradata Database Administration along with Roles and Responsibilities of Application DBA &, System DBA.

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