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Foundation course for beginners to start working on automation testing tool HP UFT Unified functional testing

Covered topics:

  • At the end of the course my students are able to handle common concepts of HP UFT with some VB Script


HP UFT ( Unified functional testing ) formerly known as HP QTP course covers foundation of why automation^ how to automate and many other topics.
This course will help the student to jump start their career in automation testing world. Quiz at the end of the video and interview questions are covered.
Following topics are covered in this course.
What is Automation Testing^ Benefits of automation Testing
Automation testing process (Automation Testing Life cycle)
Different testing tools available in the market for automation testing
Selection criteria for the manual test cases to be automated
Evaluate the tool/Selection criteria of tool^ Version history of HP QTP | HP UFT
Difference between HP QTP and HP UFT
HP UFT license types^ Add-in Manager^ Record and Run settings window
First test script using HP UFT^ record and run the script in HP UFT With SystemUtil.Run and without SystemUtil.Run^How to save script?
How to open an existing test script in HP UFT ?
Analyse test results window^ Different objects in HP Unified Functional Testing Tool - UFT ( QTP )
What is  Test object and Run time object^Object repository- Local Repository- Shared repository
Object Repository Manager^ How UFT identifies Objects
Object Spy^ Test Objects^ local object repository^ How to associate the repositories to the test^  Advanced Concepts about Object Repository.
Regular expressions in HP UFT^ Parametrisation in HP UFT ( QTP ) | What is Data driven testing ?  What is Keyword driven testing in HP UFT ? 
Parameterization conceptin HP UFT^ Working with Datatable^ Working with data table methods^ Difference between Editor view and Keyword view^
Parameterization concept in HP UFT using Importing Excel sheet ^ Create a script with multiple test data ^(Test the login functionality with multiple user names and passwords)
What is checkpoint in HP UFT (QTP)^ Different Checkpoints in HP UFT
How to insert standard check point in HP UFT
How to insert Text check point in HP UFT
How to insert text area check point in HP UFT
How to insert image check point in HP UFT
How to insert bitmap check point in HP UFT
What is output value in HP UFT ( QTP)^  Types of Output values Standard Output value and Text Output value
How to insert Standard Output value in HP UFT ( QTP )?    How to insert Text Output value in HP UFT ( QTP )? 
Transactions- Need of transactions- Insert transactions during recording in UFT
Working with Actions in HP UFT- Non reusable actions- Re usable actions- External actions^ Call to Existing Action and Call to Copy of Actions^
Introduction to VB Script- VB Script Introduction- 
Data Types^ Variables^ Conditional statements (IF^ Select)^ Conditional Loops - For Loop^ Procedures – Sub and Functions^ VB script function in QTP | HP UFT^ How to call a function in QTP | HP UFT
Function Library^ How to write Sub Procedure in HP UFT^ What is Debugging ? how to debug script in HP UFT.For more advanced level course^ please register our advanced HP UFT course from H2K Infosys.