How to build bitcoin exchange websocket (golang)

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Learn how create a web app with Go language with getting data from Bitcoin Exchange by using Websocker Feed

Covered topics:

  • Build web app for getting in real time bitcoin exchange
  • Receive a new knowledges in arhitecture of modern apps


Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple^ reliable^ and efficient software.

Go is an amazing choice for a language as it was developed by some of the same individuals who created the C programming language^ Unix^ and UTF-8 - some of the most influential contributions to computer science. Robert Griesemer^ Rob Pike^ and Ken Thompson created Go to be a modern language that easily uses multiple cores^ easily implements concurrency^ easily works in distributed environments^ and easily allows the programmer to write programs - it has a very lean and user-friendly syntax.

Go was created by luminaries in computer science at one of the best^ if not the very best^ software engineering firm to have ever existed - Google.

The credentials of Go are unsurpassed

In my opinion^ Go is the best programming language that you can used for web development today. I began programming in 2005 with Borland Builder^ I have worked with many languages^ and Go is the best language which I have ever used. Go is also the top-paid programming language in America today.

Come learn about the greatest programming language ever created. You will leave with resources and code samples to start making all of your software and apps really go.

What knowledge &, tools are required?

  • You should install go sdk^ editor for coding application. This course starts at the level if you have already expirience in coding and open to get a new knowledegs