Full-Stack Web Development with Flask

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Learn to create and deploy simple yet powerful websites using the Flask Framework

Covered topics:

  • Use the template system to build elegant templates.
  • Create impressive web forms with the Flask-WTF extension.
  • Work with effective NoSQL database systems such as FlaskSQLAlchemy and Flask-MongoEngine.
  • Add support for quickly building REST APIs using Flask-RESTPlus.
  • Locally check requests and responses during web API development using Postman.
  • Install and configure Flask-Security to add basic security and authentication features.


In this course^ we will cover everything you need to know to build a dynamic web application using the Python and Flask frameworks for seamless full-stack web development. You ll dive into the Flask environment and get to know its directory structure^ template^ and routing systems. Then you ll learn to connect to databases such as Flask-SQLAlchemy and Flask-MongoEngine to help store and track data.

We will show you how to build styled websites for an amazing UI experience using this popular front-end tool^ how to get to grips with The Flask-RESTPlus extension^ and how to call the API from JavaScript and use Postman to test the API. You ll learn to integrate Flask-Security^ which allows you to add common security mechanisms. The course will also teach you options for deploying your Flask application.

Finally^ you ll be able to build amazing personal or effective business websites while writing your code in Python s Flask framework and its popular front-end framework. The course will develop your experience in Flask and when you ve completed it you will be able to build your own complex web applications

About the Author

Christian V. Hur is an instructor and author who holds a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (with an emphasis on Web Application Development) from Boston University. His career in web technologies spans over 20 years and he has taught computer programming and web development courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

In industry^ he has built websites and web-based applications using various web technologies throughout his career. In addition to authoring books published by MC Press^ he produces online training courses for Lynda .com and Packtpub .com. In his spare time^ he enjoys exploring new web technologies^ learning AR/VR and game development^ and contributing to Stack Overflow and Quora.