Flask Landing - Learn the Python Microframework

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Learn Flask Step by Step through Building a Live a Landing Page with Flask and Python 3.6

Covered topics:

  • Flask Web Development
  • SQLAlchemy & Flask SQLAlchmey
  • Gunicorn & Production-ready Flask Project
  • Building a Web App


Flask is a flexible web framework written in Python. It s narrow in scope so that means it s much easier to learn.

A web application with Flask can be as simple as 1 function with 4 total lines of code. Regardless of your technical background^ what I want that to signal to you is that Flask can be very very small in scope which means a much smaller learning curve.

Of course^ you can add all kinds of technology (such as a SQL database)^ to make Flask even more functional but that s completely optional.

Here s a few use cases of flask:

  • Quick and fast RESTful API service

  • Microservice for offloading tasks from a main app (such as a Django app) to handle all sorts of processing (creating thumbnails^ running machine learning^ doing web scraping^ sending notifications^ calculating bills and invoices^ and so on)

  • Full fledged Web Application (user login^ data storage^ user sharing^ etc)

  • Integrating into an iot device to control sensors^ motors^ servos^ mics^ cameras^ and so on. 

  • As middleman between services like Shopify and Zapier. (Ie you need to analyze some customer data from Shopify before it becomes a zap?)

  • Anything you can image

Flask^ as with many Python Package^ can almost do anything you can image. And there s a good chance that someone has already created a package to help your project s development time increase in a big way.

Django vs Flask

These two are compared all the time. At their core^ they attempt to accomplish the same thing: web application development. But they do it in very different ways.

First off^ remember that Python is flexible so Django and Flask are flexible.

  • Flask can be more flexible but increases development time on larger projects

  • Django cuts long term development time on larger projects

  • Flask is smaller as in file size

  • Django is bigger but has many security features built in (such as CSRF and clickjacking)

  • Django has an ORM

  • Flask can easily be integrated into SQLAlchemy

If you know Flask^ learning Django will be easier and vice versa. In fact^ once you know any python web framework it s much easier to learn others so you can find the best library that your project needs.

Are you ready to begin?

Let s do this!