Deep Learning Project Building with Python and Keras

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Learn to make Android Keras image recognition models! This epic course covers Android Studio^ Java^ TensorFlow and more

Covered topics:

  • Build a facial recognition project
  • Build a happy/sad face detection project
  • Build a simple digit recognition project using the MNIST handwritten digit database
  • Handwritten digit recognition with advanced MNIST
  • Build a simple linear regression model in PyCharm with TensorFlow
  • Build a simple image recognition project using the CIFAR-10 library
  • Image recognition with CIFAR-100
  • And much more!


You will not regret taking this course. Check out all that you ll ,learn:

First we will install PyCharm ,2017.2.3 and explore the interface. I will show you every step of the way. You will learn crucial ,Python 3.6.2 language fundamentals. Even if you have coding knowledge^ going back to the basics is the key to success as a programmer. We will build and run Python projects. I ,teach through practical examples^ follow-alongs^ and over-the-shoulder tutorials. You won t need to go anywhere else.

Then we will install Android Studio 3 ,and explore the interface. You will learn how to add a simulator and build simple User Interfaces (UIs). For coding^ you will learn Java 8 language fundamentals. Java is a HUGE language that you must know^ and I ,will tell you all about it. We will build ,and run Android projects directly in the course^ and you will have solid examples to apply your knowledge immediately.

With this course I ,will help you understand what machine learning is and compare it to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Together we will discover applications of machine learning and where we use machine learning daily. Machine learning^ neural networks^ deep learning^ and artificial intelligence are all around us^ and they re not going away. I will show you how to get a grasp on this ever-growing technology in this course. We will explore different machine learning mechanisms and commonly used algorithms. These are popular and ones you should know.

Next I ll teach you ,what TensorFlow 1.4.1 ,is and how it makes machine learning development easier. You will learn how to install TensorFlow and access its libraries through PyCharm. You ll ,understand ,the basic components of TensorFlow.

Follow along with me to build a complete computational model. We ll train and test a model and use it for future predictions. I ll also show you how to build a linear regression model to fit a line through data. You ll learn to train and test the model^ evaluate model accuracy^ and predict values using the model.

Then we ll get started with Keras^ which we ll compare with TensorFlow to make it easier to understand^ and to build your knowledge upon itself. By connecting new information with existing knowledge^ you ll form stronger connections in your brain on all of this valuable tech content. You ll learn where and how to use Keras. By the end of this course you ll have such a solid grasp you can add all of these technologies as qualifications on ,your resume^ LinkedIn profile^ or personal website.

We will build a basic image recognition model ,in PyCharm. We ll save the trained model^ export it ,to Android Studio^ and build an app around the model.

We will follow the same process to make apps for facial recognition^ facial detection^ and digit recognition.

Then we will cover advanced topics and make more complex and sophisticated projects for recognizing handwritten digits and images from datasets.

This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter

  • Discover the Keras library

  • Explore PyCharm and the Python language

  • Explore Android Studio and the Java language

  • Discover machine learning concepts

  • Explore TensorFlow^ a machine learning framework

What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start watching! See you there :)