Complete React (Hooks) and Redux Developer Hindi / Urdu

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Learn and Understand ReactJS (Including Hooks)^ Mobx ^ Redux^ React Router V4^ Learn ES6^ Unit Testing with Jest

Covered topics:

  • Learn ReactJS from scratch Including Hooks with Real world examples
  • Learn React Hooks Fundamentals from Scratch
  • Build TodoList using React Hooks useReducer
  • Build single page app using React Router
  • Learn Mobx which is use to build to large scale application with Reactjs
  • Learn Redux to maintain state of an application in functional way
  • Bonus Section: Learn ES6 awesome features
  • Bonus Section: Learn and understand unit testing with Jest
  • Bonus Section: Deep Dive into Promises


Please Note: ,This Course Is In Hindi/Urdu Enroll in ,this Course If you understand Hindi/Urdu

Become a ,highly-demanded ,software engineer by following this tutorial on React JS .you will learn ReactJS^ Redux^ ,React Router 4^ Mobx (State Management Library). As one of the most highly-paid skills for web developers^ learning React will open doors and jobs for you.

This project-based course will have you coding right away and ,sharpen your skills in modern web development.

In this Video series we are going to Learn ,and understand ,ReactJS Fundamentals ,

- How to Implement ,CRUD ,Operations in ReactJS

- How to use React hooks feature and how to create custom hooks.

- How to Events and LIfe-Cycle Method ,Work in ReactJS

- How to use Proptypes in ReactJS

- How to use React Router Version 4 and Version 3 ,in ReactJS for Creating SPA (Single Page App)

- How to Create Stateless Functional ,Component in ReactJS

- How to Make Ajax Request in ReactJS.

- What is JSX and How to we use JSX in ReactJS.

- ,Unit Testing in Mobx and Redux.

- Learn Mobx (State Management Library and how to use it with React and React Router v4 ,)

 , we will Learn Mobx by Building Three Projects

 , - Counter App to to Understand Fundamentals and how things fit together

 , - Project ,#2 - Todo List Project to try to understand CRUD ,

 , - Project #3 - Mobxgram - which is Instagram Clone ,

- Learn Redux Fundamentals how Redux works before Learning How to ,Intergrate with ReactJS

- Learn Redux by making TodoList

- How to Make AJAX Request using Redux Thunk and Redux Promise Middleware

- How to Implement Form in Redux using Redux Forms

I Hope to see you all Inside