Building Web Applications with Clojure

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Explore the secrets and tricks of building Clojure web applications

Covered topics:

  • Understand how Ring handlers work and implement simple routing mechanisms
  • Grasp the intricacies of the middleware to implement it in your own way
  • Discover how to handle forms^ cookies^ and sessions in one go
  • Get acquainted with the REST API architecture in Clojure and build a sample application
  • Manipulate queries easily with SQL Korma
  • Set up routing with Compojure and HTML generation with Hiccup
  • Find out how to build REST APIs with Liberator and learn templating with Enlive


This video course starts with a simple project setup and moves on to the various means to use frameworks or libraries^ such as Ring and ClojureScript^ leading the way to complex web solutions in Clojure. You will be presented with ways to connect to popular databases^ such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB^ and learn how some existing libraries work and how to use them properly. Thereon you will move to writing single-page applications with ClojureScript and REST API.

When you',re finished with Building Web applications with Clojure^ you',ll be able to build and diagnose complex web systems in Clojure—regardless of the particular technologies applied.

About the Author

Tomek Lipski is an experienced programmer and open source enthusiast. He',s been building and designing the architecture of web applications for seventeen years. He works with Clojure full-time. Tomek has also released a Ganelon Open Source microframework^ which eases the development of AJAX web applications in Clojure.