Build Realtime Apps | React Js^ Golang & RethinkDB

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A practical guide that teaches you ReactJs^ Golang & RethinkDB. Optimally paced^ no-nonsense. You ll learn quickly!

Covered topics:

  • Know how to Setup Development Environments for Reactjs and Go
  • Experience Structuring Reactjs and Go Applications
  • Understand How to create Reactjs base Web Applications
  • Know How To Use Websockets to communicate between Server and Browser
  • Skilled at Creating Go Servers
  • Know How to Install and Use RethinkDB


Do you want to learn React as fast as possible? Are you curious about Golang^ Googles new Programming Language? Do you wonder what it s like to write fast highly concurrent servers? Interested in creating realtime apps^ the simple way?

If you answered YES^ then this course is for you!

Learn Fast

This course is optimally paced so you ll learn fast. Your time is valuable and I don t want to waste it^ try out the free previews and I think you ll understand what I mean by fast/lean learning.

React Js

Reactjs is an Amazing Javascript front-end library created and maintained by Facebook. The designers of React questioned the industry best practices and designed a library that is quite unique^ extremely fast and very productive^ plus it s a delight to work with. Reactjs makes writing JavaScript apps fun again because of it s simplicity and fundamentally different concepts.


Golang is a awesome new programming language created and maintained by Google. Golang is an modern language^ that s simple to learn and easy to use. Golang is particularly well suited for highly concurrent applications^ such as realtime apps^ because of it s first class language support for coroutines (called goroutines). Apps created in Golang are fast^ and run on all major platforms (Mac / Windows / Linux).


RethinkDB is the only database I m aware of that is focused on realtime features. Using RethinkDB allows you to create highly scalable^ realtime apps with ease. RethinkDB offers a rich set of features and it s a joy to work with.

But I m only interested in React or Golang or RethinkDB...

Each of these topics could stand alone as it s own course. Just consider it bonus content!

Are realtime apps important?

Software developers will need to know how to create Realtime Web apps in the very near future. It s the next evolution in Web Applications^ in fact Realtime Apps/Features are already being created at companies like Twitter^ Facebook and Google.

Get ahead of the curve and learn how to make realtime apps now.

Why take this course?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with new technologies? I think most of us do^ there is so much change constantly happening and the pace of change seems to be increasing.

What can you do to manage the learning challenges you re facing?

Lean learning

I won t waste your time^ you ll learn just what you need to know as quickly as possible. You ll start this course with the end in mind. What do I mean by that? We re going to be building a realtime web application^ and you ll learn just what you need to build the app.

What You ll Build

During this course^ you ll be building a Slack Clone.


A general familiarity with Programming and the Web. You ll start from scratch and move quickly^ learning just what you need to know and nothing else.