Beginners Guide To Customizing Joomla Templates

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Learn how to change the text^ images^ background^ logo etc of Joomla templates in minutes without coding.

Covered topics:

  • Download Joomla templates and be able to do basic customiztions like changing images^ text^ background^ etc.
  • Understand how to analyze Joomla templates


Creating websites with templates is the fastest way to get any website up and running. However^ most people get stuck after buying a template because they don t know how to customize it...until now.

This course is a beginners course for anyone who s interested in saving or making extra money by customizing Joomla template. We re going to be using a premium template to show you how to customize it and make it your own.

You ll learn how to:

  • Change Headers
  • Replace images with your own
  • Change text
  • Add pages
  • Create and edit menu items
  • Edit template extensions
  • Replace the footer
  • Change the logo
  • Creating or editing module positions

The best part about this course is that you don t have to be a coder to do all of these. You ll learn^ step by step and see how simple and easy it is.