Conquer the world of serverless application development to master production -ready and secure applications with AWS.

Covered topics:

  • Design and build an application based on AWS serverless services to discover AWS serverless services and their various roles
  • Deploy^ test^ and debug your application by taking up tasks from databases and retrieving them in your serverless application
  • Explore best practices to effectively monitor and troubleshoot Serverless applications using AWS CloudWatch
  • Explore the Serverless world of AWS Lambda and master its core components and how it works
  • Explore the hype^ significance^ and business benefits of Serverless computing and applications
  • Understand interconnections between the AWS serverless and microservice concepts


Whether you’re building a chat app or the next Pokémon GO^ there are plenty of reasons to go serverless: Firstly^ it has decreased time to market^ it enhances scalability. Mainly^ lower cost and more time for user experience^ improved latency and geolocation and much more!

Are you looking forward to developing production-ready^ serverless and secure applications with AWS? Then^ this Learning Path is perfect for you!

Here’s how you can benefit and experience the above reasons to go Serverless with AWS:

Amazon Web Services continues its domination as the leading cloud service provider on the market. Since serverless applications are gaining a lot of traction^ it is extremely important to understand the serverless architecture^ to help you build^ manage^ and secure serverless applications. They help you manage the complexity of today s applications and tackle the demands of today s users in a way^ unlike any other previous serverless framework.

This comprehensive 3-in-1 course will help you understand serverless architectures and their implementation on AWS. Learn to build^ deploy^ manage^ and secure serverless applications. You’ll get an exposure to practical examples and use cases to work with serverless architecture. Solve the most common serverless framework problems that is faced. Enter into the Serverless world of AWS Lambda and master its core components and how it works. You’ll efficiently design^ develop^ and test Lambda functions using Node.js.

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 3 complete courses^ carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

The first course^ Design Serverless Architecture with AWS and AWS Lambda^ covers the core concepts of serverless architecture with AWS Lambda. This course starts with introduction to serverless architectures and then you ll delve into design considerations^ followed by building a serverless application and deploying it on your serverless architecture. Go through various practical example of deploying and orchestrating a serverless application using DynamoDB^ AWS Lambda^ and API Gateway. You’ll learn about some security considerations in protecting your serverless application. Finally^ you’ll have mastered working with serverless architectures on AWS Cloud.

The second course^ Building Serverless Applications^ covers serverless application development in a step-by-step manner^ and helps you build your first unique^ advanced application. In this course^ you ll build a Slack bot to manage tasks. Moving ahead^ you’ll learn to deploy your application to the cloud and study the tools used in creating applications.

The third course^ Deep Dive into AWS Lambda^ covers the Serverless ecosystem with AWS services including DynamoDB. This video course starts with an introduction to the world of Serverless computing and its advantages and use cases^ followed by a deep dive into AWS Lambda. You’ll learn cover how to build and deploy an AWS Lambda function and also learn to integrate AWS Lambda with Simple Storage Service. Along the way^ you’ll also discover how to design and deploy considerations for AWS Lambda.

By the end of this training program you’ll have mastered serverless application development and serverless architecture with AWS Lambda to build your first unique^ advanced and production-ready application.

About the Authors
  • Michael Haberman (MCT^ MCPD^ AWS solution architect^ and GDG organizer) is a senior consultant and lecturer. He is a full-stack expert^ specializing in web technologies such as JavaScript^ HTML and CSS, he loves Node.js and AWS.
  • Marcia Villalba is a Senior Full-stack Developer. She has been designing and developing software professionally in very well-known companies for over 10 years for example^ Rovio^ IBM^ and Nokia. Marcia has a broad experience in all the different stages of building scaling and performant software. She has deep knowledge of the public cloud and how to architect for it. She has been working with AWS for more than 4 four years and for more than a year and a half has mostly been working with serverless technologies. Marcia runs her own YouTube channel^ in which she publishes at least one new video every week. In her channel^ she focuses on teaching how to use AWS serverless technologies and managed services. She is also an AWS Community Hero and runs the Finland AWS User Group.
  • Alan Rodrigues is a software technology evangelist with over 10+ years in the software industry. Being abreast with the latest technologies is what he does best. One life is just not enough to intake all the information the world has to offer^ but he does his bit and takes it one step at a time. These are just a few of the technologies he is well-versed in: 1. Cloud Services - Amazon Web Services. Certified in AWS as a SysOps Administrator. Well-versed in Azure Web Services as well. 2. Business Intelligence – SAP Business Objects^ Informatica Powercenter. 3. Atlassian suite of products (JIRA^ JIRA Agile^ JIRA service desk^ Confluence^ Bitbucket^ Hipchat) 4. Configuration^ Continuous Integration - Subversion^ Git^ Jenkins^ Atlassian Bamboo. 5. Operating Systems - Windows server 2003^ 2008 &, 2012^ Windows 7^ 10^ Ubuntu^ CentOS. 6. Databases - Oracle^ MySQL^ MongoDB^ Microsoft SQL Server. 7. Change and Release Management – HPSM^ HP uCMDB^ Atlassian Service Desk. Check out his channel on self-made tutorials on Docker and AWS