Automated visual testing with Selenium and TestNG

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Assure your web app is looking perfectly

Covered topics:

  • Install and configure Intellij IDEA
  • Create Maven projects: pull dependencies^ install plugins
  • Set up Selenium WebDriver
  • Set up TestNG project
  • Develop screenshot utility for taking screenshots the entire pages as well as specific elements on the page
  • Compare images and generate image with highlighted differences
  • Make well structured regression suite using TestNG and run it from xml file and Maven
  • Generate stunning regression HTML reports with attached screenshots


Automated visual testing is a buzz word in the IT industry nowadays. In this course I would like to show you what it is and how you can significantly benefit from it.

Automated visual testing is a great complement to functional tests. If something works^ it does not mean that it looks fine. Moreover^ if something is displayed on the page^ it does not necessarily mean that it is displayed in the proper place. Here visual regression can help you.

Let me show you a short example. 

Usually visual regresison is about comparing two images. 

The first one is baseline image. This image is the screenshot of the page when it was thouroughly manually tested and was perfect.

The second one is the current appearance of your page. You can take screenshots on daily basis^ for example.

If some visual differences are detected then you get report where detected differences are highlighted in red.  

Thus you can be sure that your web site is looking great and user interface is not broken by new development. This kind of testing can significantly enhance overall quality of your products.

I hope you liked an idea of automated visual testing. So welcome to my course!