Automate Siebel & Mainframe/AS400 Applications with UFT

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Hands-on learning guide to automate Mainframe/AS400 application using UFT along with Siebel applications.

Covered topics:

  • Test Siebel & Mainframe applications
  • Automate Siebel & Mainframe applications using HP UFT


Read to add some extra ordinary automation skills on this competitive market? Finally^ a course that will present video tutorials on automating live AS400 (mainframe) and Siebel applications using UFT. These skills are currently hot in the market and it can help you seal your next QA job. The highlights of this course includes AS400 automation with QTP^ Siebel Automation using QTP and AS400 terminal emulator settings.

UFT tutorial videos and UFT basics have made easy by QAEversity. HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) does cost a fortune but it s still a market leader in the automation testing industry. Nowadays^ many open source and low-cost automation tools came into play but QTP and UFT are still popular for their advanced features and controls. UFT provides a better control over our automation process and it came up with many advanced and useful features QTP did not have. It is suitable for both people with non-programming and programming backgrounds. UFT supports VB script for customization and better control which is easy to learn. However^ it has been difficult to find a end-to-end UFT training solution for basic and advanced UFT features including. It is essential to have UFT skills to be able to gain competitive advantages in today s market. QAEversity is committed to provide a unique learning experience for delivering UFT training online throughout our award-winning UFT training videos. In this course^ we cover all the important aspects of UFT starting from the very basics to the most advanced level concepts. This course treats every student as a freshman and explains each and every single step thoroughly. It can be a great source to brush up a specific topic or master the entire course. Our set of UFT training videos cover basic and advanced topics including^ new features in UFT 12.0 and UFT 12.02^ new features in UFT^ VB scripting^ checkpoints^ output values^ descriptive programming^ object repositories^ and last but not the least Mainframe/AS400 application automation and Siebel application automation using UFT. It has not been easy to learn AS400 automation with QTP^ and Siebel Automation using QTP or UFT^ so here we are to make it easy for you.