Angular and ASP.Net Core Integration

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Tips and Tricks to Integrate Angular and ASP.Net Core

Covered topics:

  • Introducing the Angular-Net Configuration Tool
  • Multiple Angular Projects in the Angular Workspace
  • Debug Vs Release Abstraction
  • Utilizing Git Hooks
  • Hooks to Create the Angular Release Build
  • Features of the Angular Release Build
  • Before Build Hook
  • Passing Parameters to the Server
  • How to integrating Angular with the ASP .Net Core framework
  • Passing WebAPI exception information back to the client
  • Opening Developer Tools Automatically
  • Setting TypeScript Breakpoints in Visual Studio
  • Multiple Angular Projects^ Same Codebase
  • Performance Markers
  • Quicker Deployment using Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio File Nesting
  • Expand-Collapse TypeScript Regions


There is a lot of confusion about how to integrate Angular and ASP.Net Core. A big part of the problem is a lack of resources and limited understanding of how to integrate these 2 awesome technologies^ Angular on the front-end and ASP.Net Core on the back-end.

The big problem^ is that the industry has always tried to simplify the solution by compartmentalizing the technologies. But knowing how to integrate technologies is the key to performance^ and making an application easy to maintain. This mean you must have a good understanding of the backend technologies^ the development environment^ as well as the frontend technologies.

Why do you think Microsoft seems behind in the integration of Angular on the front-end? Hmm… Could it be that the newer technologies have us dropping down to the command line? Why do we need to drop down to the command line anyway? Could it be the only way to be compatible across multiple platforms? Are there Microsoft developers that like to drop down to the command line? Can I do my complete development^ without dropping down to the command line? Watch this course^ and I will show you how!