Advanced Scala & Functional programming - JVM Guru

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Learn Scala with Functional programming techniques at an advanced level

Covered topics:

  • Master the Scala and Functional Programming at an advanced level
  • Become top coders in Scala
  • Learn other Scala based Big data frameworks like Apache Spark
  • Crack Scala based job interviews easily


Hi Friends^ a warm welcome to the course by JVM Guru.

In this course^ we will learn advanced Scala concepts. This course is recommended for Scala beginners to gain good experience in advanced , Scala concepts like:

  • Futures

  • Implicits

  • Monads

  • JSON &, XML handling

  • File handling

  • Streams

    … etc

You will also gain experience in other Scala-based libraries like: Cats^ Apache Akka...etc including ScalaTest which is a pretty standard library for testing Scala based applications

We will also go through a realtime project implemented in Scala &, Play Framework

I believe the practice is very important alongside learning and listening to the language^ so we will go through real-world projects and explain how things work^ plus lots of code examples and assignments

All the code samples can be accessed at: in Github search for sureshmandalapu/AdvanedScalaExercises

I will also teach this course in job interview point of view which means that you will be confident in attending Scala-based job interviews

I believe this tutorial will be useful for you in understanding advanced Scala concepts and after this course^ you will see no difficulty in developing real-time Scala-based projects

Thank you for landing on this course home page!