Access VBA introduction - Series1

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In-depth study on Variables and Recordsets with loops. Our first chapter in access VBA tutorial.

Covered topics:

  • This is first series in an attempt to make you awesome in Access VBA. You will understand the basics of Variables ^type of data types ^scope of Variables and record-sets use with loops.


  • What is vba editor window. Where do we write vba in ms access.

  • Types of variables^ their data-types. What questions can be asked in your interview related to access vba variables.

  • Use of Option explicit and why it is important.

  • How to run the VBA codes when you debug or do the testing of code.

  • What is a record-set.

  • How we define them and how we use them with loops.

  • loop your access tables from first row to last row or last row to first row by knowing everything about loops used in recordsets.

  • how to pick up values from last record if your data has many repeated IDs. Mini project shared in this -idea taken from my live project.

  • Discussion on practical projects to make you understand how loops and record-sets work together. It is a complete discussion from basic to advance level. We have covered everything for a access developer for a great beginning.