100 Usable WordPress Code Snippets for Themes & Plugins 2019

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Save time & effort coding WordPress themes & plugins with these already typed code snippets. Each has an explanation.

Covered topics:

  • save time by adding existing WordPress code and API snippets into your plugins and themes
  • manipulate content from posts and pages
  • create your own custom post types complete with their own taxonomies and custom fields
  • displaying random posts on the fly
  • white label WordPress and replace the WP logo and replace it with your own
  • change the popular plugin Contact Form 7 and make it do amazing things that are not available out of the box


This course helps any WordPress designer and developer save time by copying and pasting WordPress code into any theme or plugin. Video lectures explain how to customize the code to make them your own.

This course will constantly evolve with new code snippets on everything from:

  • shortcodes

  • custom post types

  • manipulation of popular plugins including Contact Form 7

  • and more

This course is best for those who already know the basics of PHP^ but if you are just getting into WordPress theme or plugin development^ the code resources will help you add more powerful functionality to your already-existing code.

In this WordPress cookbook course^ code recipes are already available for:

  • post and page content manipulation

  • automatically creating new menu locations in themes

  • custom post types

  • displaying random posts on the fly

  • manipulation of the contact form 7 plugin

  • adding a popup to your home page

  • generating a tag cloud from your posts or plugins

  • protecting your administrative back end

  • MySQL hacks such as automatically deactivating and RE-activating plugins without manual clicks.

  • and more