Starting with Ember.js 2

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Create amazing web apps with Ember

Covered topics:

  • Understand how Ember 2 works in web and mobile solutions
  • Learn how Ember 2 solutions are designed^ administered and developed
  • Code an Ember 2 project with an online IDE
  • Use Ember s component paradigm^ data management library^ CLI tool^ and more
  • Implement Ember Add-Ons^ routing^ authentication^ and more
  • Write and run Unit^ Acceptance and Integration tests
  • Style and Ember app with an Ember Material CSS Library


Ember isn t like other JavaScript frameworks. Instead of providing a solution to the view part of the Model-View-Controller design process^ it tackles the client-side application problem as a whole. Whether it s web^ mobile^ or service applications^ Ember works it using the model-view-viewmodel approach and does it flawlessly. If you re a IT professional or just a hobbyist interested in web architecture^ UI design^ or even testing and administrating^ Ember will make your life infinitely easier.