Learn 2D Game Development with Unity and C# Programming

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Make a Blackjack game using Unity

Covered topics:

  • Unity3D s user interface^ and using the different windows to develop your project.
  • An introduction to the C# programming language^ where we ll make our script and learn to work with components in Unity to make our game come to life.
  • How to make a visually appealing game scene and properly adjust and align UI graphics like text^ buttons and graphics.
  • How to export your project to computer and mobile devices.
  • Learn to build a game of Blackjack^ the popular card game. With input like Hitting & standing^ and being able to place your bet with in-game money. With win^ lose and game over events.
  • To learn Unity3D one of the most popular game engines out in the industry.
  • To learn programming basics and coding in the C# language.
  • To be able to make a game from start to finish.


Do you want to learn to make awesome games and apps using Unity3D^ but know nothing about where to begin? No problem! In my course^ we ll go over all the basics you need to get started^ and learn how to make great games with Unity. In this course^ we ll be going over: