Creating a C# ASP.Net Core API

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Dot Net is one of the world’s most popular server-side technologies^ and ASP. Net is an important part of that space^ but with today’s rapid pace of development and demand for high-fidelity user experiences^ clientside-rendered applications are a critical part of creating any web application. Being able to leverage ASP. Net and C# on the back end of a web application is an important skill to have. In this course author Thomas Desmond will teach you how to create a web API using C# and ASP.Net. allowing you to use this type of backend for any Angular^ React^ Vue^ or other clientside framework. By the end of this course you will be comfortable creating clientside-rendered applications with an ASP.Net backend. This course is aimed at developers who want to create API’s in their C# applications for Angular or React or other front-end frameworks. Before beginning this course you should be familiar with C# and with basic web technologies. Experience in a front-end framework is not necessary.