Working with Local Data in Xamarin.Forms

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At the core of high quality mobile app development with Xamarin.Forms is an understanding of how to store data locally. In this course^ you ll learn about different local data storage options^ and how they can improve your app s performance.


Mobile apps that don t leverage local data storage for caching and offline access often present a less polished experience to the end user. In this course^ Working with Local Data in Xamarin.Forms^ you’ll learn how to use a variety of local data storage options to enhance your app’s performance and flexibility. First^ you’ll explore the different storage options that are available^ so you can make the best decision about which type of local storage to use. Next^ you’ll discover how to create SQLite databases^ the most robust option available. Then^ you’ll learn how to create a model to map the database^ with a code first/ORM style experience. Finally^ you’ll get a better understanding on how to set up and access data in the SQLite database using the models you’ve created^ enabling things like caching and offline access. When you’re finished with this course^ you’ll have a foundational knowledge of local data storage in Xamarin.Forms that will help you as you move forward to high quality Xamarin.Forms app development.