Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy: Python Data Playbook

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Working with databases is a huge part of any data professional s tool belt. In this Playbook we will utilize SQLAlchemy to learn how to use SQL within Python and leverage the object-relational mapper capabilities of SQLAlchemy.


Databases are an integral part of data science^ and every programmer that interacts with data needs to be able to work with a database. In this course^ Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy: Python Data Playbook^ you will learn foundational knowledge to work with databases using SQLAlchemy. First^ you will see how to perform queries. Next^ you will discover how to create databases and tables and populate them with data. Finally^ you will explore how to manipulate the data you inserted and queried. When you are finished with this course^ you will have the skills and knowledge of interacting with databases needed to successfully work with your database using Python with SQLAlchemy.