Managing Android App Data with SQLite

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Learn how to properly mange app data on Android with SQLite and how to understand and use the many different SQLite data types with Pluralsight today.


SQLite is the persistent storage solution of choice for the overwhelming majority of Android applications. In this course^ Managing Android App Data with SQLite^ you ll learn how to create Android applications that effectively leverage the persistent storage capabilities of SQLite. First^ you ll explore how to create and access a SQLite database in a way that conforms to the standards and best practices of Android app development. Next^ you ll dig into the rich query capabilities of SQLite including row selection criteria and row ordering. Then^ you ll discover how to use adapters to connect SQLite data to views like RecyclerView^ Spinner^ and ListView. Additionally^ you ll walk through how to perform lifecycle aware queries using LoaderManager and CursorLoader. Finally^ you ll learn how to update^ delete^ and insert data within a SQLite database^ including how to maintain a responsive user experience. By the end of this course^ you ll have the skills and knowledge to create Android applications of your own that persistently manage data within a SQLite database.