Debugging Windows PowerShell in VS Code

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An Advanced Course on Debugging PowerShell in VS Code^ debugging is an important skill to be profiecient in that most people don t take the time to learn. This course will allow you to become skilled in debugging and take that next step toward greatness. Start Learning Today!


Many people do not take the time required to become proficient at debugging. They believe it s not worth the time investment. What they don t realize is that mastering debugging actually saves them a lot more time than they would put in. In this course^ Debugging Windows PowerShell in VS Code^ you ll learn the mental process behind debugging. First^ you ll learn how to debug with Visual Studio Code. Next you ll be introduced to Pester^ a testing framework for PowerShell. Finally^ you ll discover how to take advantage of the advanced debugging features in Visual Studio Code such as watches^ call stacks^ and conditional breakpoints. After you ve finished the course^ you ll have the knowledge required to be a proficient debugger of PowerShell code.