Application Testing with Azure DevOps and Visual Studio 2019

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In this course^ you will learn how to write various types of tests using Visual Studio and integrate them in your build and release pipelines in Azure DevOps.


Application testing is one of those tasks that was traditionally done manually^ but this is not fast enough when you want to implement DevOps practices. You need something that works well with engineering disciplines like Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. In this course^ Application Testing with Azure DevOps and Visual Studio 2019^ you will get started with the engineering discipline around automated testing^ using Azure DevOps and Visual Studio. First^ you will define a good test strategy for your team^ using the Agile Test pyramid to learn what tests you must write. Next^ you will write your business logic and use the continuous test runner to get feedback while you write code and then integrate them in your CI build. Finally^ you will dive into using selenium to test your web application and integrate this into Azure DevOps^ as well as learn how to use containers to set up your test data fast and consistently for your test suites using SQL server. After completing this course^ you will be able to define a test strategy for your team and use Visual Studio to write unit tests using frameworks like MSTest^ Nunit^ Xunit^ or any other framework you like.