Site Reliability Engineering Fundamentals

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Become an expert of the web operations space and learn everything from designing architectures to monitoring production systems

Covered topics:

  • Design highly reliable application architectures
  • Study concepts of core cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service
  • Create functional security perimeters for web applications
  • Create software to reduce the efforts for system maintenance
  • Create complex deployment systems^ such as orchestrated^ multi-data center^ or canaried rollouts
  • Implement scalable design and resilient microservices
  • Apply the role of an SRE via the context of a company


By applying site reliability engineering concepts^ you can find ways to improve the design and operation of systems so that they become more scalable^ more reliable^ and more efficient. This book begins by explaining the job of a site reliability engineer. You ll see how to identify poor infrastructure and application designs^ and learn how the job of an SRE is different from that of a DevOps engineer. You ll also understand how your coding abilities can be useful when approaching problems that are typically relegated to operations. Then^ you ll move on to more advanced topics^ such as using Terraform to fulfill Infrastructure as Code requirements and designing an application architecture from the ground up by taking into account reliability^ performance^ and security. You ll learn how to create a local minikube cluster and administer it like a true Kubernetes cluster. You ll also build Docker containers and assemble them into Kubernetes pods^ and then design and create a highly scalable message-based system. You ll complete the book with an activity where you build a minikube cluster on your machine and deploy a 3-tier app to it (ingress^ application server and database) based on the provided Docker images.