Selling Online with Drupal e-Commerce

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Walk through the creation of an online store with Drupal s e-Commerce module

Covered topics:

  • Why to choose Drupal for e-commerce
  • Installing and configuring Drupal and its e-Commerce module
  • How Drupal and its e-Commerce module work
  • Creating and managing content
  • Creating and managing user accounts^ roles^ and permissions
  • Things to think about when planning to sell online
  • Structuring your site^ your product catalogue^ and framing a shopping process for users
  • Framing business policies to handle legal and professional issues
  • Branding your site by customizing default themes
  • Installing new themes and creating a custom theme
  • Customizing the checkout process for processing orders
  • Creating a better selling experience
  • Attracting customers with discounts^ coupons^ auctions^ donations^ flexicharges
  • Working with taxes and shipping rules in Drupal e-Commerce
  • Drupal e-Commerce s shipping API modules
  • Securing and maintaining your site (deploy^ backup^ restore)
  • Creating and managing invoices using the Invoices module
  • Integrating CiviCRM to manage appointments and log phone calls
  • Improving traffic with Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising programmes^ newsletters^ and viral marketing campaigns


Drupal is a free and open-source modular web application framework and content management system (CMS) written in PHP that can run in many environments^ including Windows^ Mac OS X^ Linux^ and FreeBSD. Drupal e-Commerce is a free^ open-source^ feature-rich^ flexible package of modules that seamlessly adds full e-Store capabilities to Drupal. Drupal e-Commerce is the combination of Drupal^ the award-winning Drupal 5 content management system^ and the e-Commerce package of modules that can be plugged into it^ bringing a wealth of e-commerce functionality to the software. In this book you will learn how to use the Drupal content management system along with its e-Commerce modules to set up and manage an online shop. We will install the software^ have a look at its features^ plan our shop^ create our shop^ look at customer management^ create a design for our shop^ and cover security^ taxes^ shipping^ and even marketing our business! If you re new to Drupal and want to set up a powerful e-commerce system^ this book is for you. If you ve some experience of working with Drupal and want to understand how its e-commerce options can be used to power an online shop^ this book will also prove invaluable.