Qlikview 12 Developer�s Cookbook - Second Edition

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Discover the strategies needed to tackle the most challenging tasks facing a QlikView developer

Covered topics:

  • Use QlikView charts to create more advanced visualizations
  • Lay out your screen and use different color schemes
  • Implement Total and AGGR for advanced aggregations
  • Improve the performance of your application
  • Secure your application using OMIT
  • Explore the latest functionality of accessing QlikView data via mobile devices


QlikView 12 features the ability to consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into a single application^ as well as an associative data model that enables you to explore the data to a way your brain works^ state-of-the-art visualizations^ dashboard^ analysis and reports^ and mobile data access. This cookbook will give you insightful recipes to efficiently work with QlikView 12. With a clear notion of the pain points that a QlikView developer faces on a day-to-day basis^ this book will be your savior for common and not-so-common issues. From advanced charting and layout to set analysis^ and from advanced aggregations through to scripting^ performance^ and security^ this book will cover all the areas that you need to know about. You will also come across interesting recipes on RESTful APIs for enhanced connectivity to external data sets^ enhanced security features^ a better QlikMarket^ mobile touch improvements^ and more. The recipes in this book give you a lot of the information you will need to become an excellent QlikView developer.