Python Data Mining Cookbook

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Over 100 recipes to help you discover patterns in data with Python 3.x

Covered topics:

  • Usage of a wide variety of data-mining algorithms to analyze data
  • Implement algorithms like clustering^ classification^ regression^ K-means^ etc. using Python
  • Managing varied types of data & explore techniques leading to exploration of insights.
  • Features in-depth information on probabilistic models and deep learning.
  • Performance improvement techniques^ including input pre-processing and combining output from different methods.
  • Perform Customer profiling^ understand what products is preferred by what kind of customers
  • Understand customer purchasing pattern
  • Perform Cross market analysis^ understand correlation between product sales.
  • Cluster Loan applicants in order to assess loan risk.
  • Public clouds like AWS to create your data-mining pipeline.


This cookbook will cover easy-to-follow recipes that will teach you how to mine data using Python�s powerful libraries such as Scikit-learn^ Pandas^ and more. The independent recipes in this book will take you to a journey of data mining concepts. You will learn about classification^ prediction^ feature extraction^ recommendations^ and more. This book promises you to come to rescue when you are stuck at work while performing data mining. Covering common and not-so-common recipes^ this book will teach you how to deal will image^ text^ and numerical data, designing and developing data mining apps, and more. By the end of reading this book^ you will know everything about data mining and implementing it in real world with Python.