PySide GUI Application Development

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Newbies to GUI programming in Python will find this book indispensable. As well as the basic concepts^ you’ll be taught PySide in detail through practical instructions and create your own applications with customized widgets and dialogs.

Covered topics:

  • Download and install/build PySide^ a cross-platform GUI development toolkit for Python
  • Program GUI applications in an easy and efficient way
  • Create and work with windowed applications
  • Create menus^ toolbars^ status bars^ and child windows
  • Connect your GUI to a database and manage it


Elegantly built GUI applications are always a massive hit among users. PySide is an open source software project that provides Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform UI framework. Combining the power of Qt and Python^ PySide provides easy access to the Qt framework for Python developers and also acts as an excellent rapid application development platform available on all major operating systems. This book aims to help you develop GUI applications easily using PySide. Python is easy to learn and use and its programs are relatively shorter than those written in other programming languages like C++ or Java. This book will introduce you to user interface programming in Python^ allowing you to develop real-time applications in a shorter amount of time. This book will take you through everything you need to know to develop UI applications. You will learn about installing/building PySide in various major operating systems as well as the basics of GUI programming. The book will then move on to discuss event management^ signals and slots^ and the widgets and dialogs available with PySide. Database interaction and manipulation is also covered. In a nutshell^ this book is great for learning how to program applications with GUI and for mastering how to develop your own applications and how to run them across platforms.