PowerShell 5.0 Advanced Administration Handbook

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Leverage the expertise of Windows PowerShell and automate Microsoft products and technologies^ on-premises and in-cloud

Covered topics:

  • Discover and understand the concepts and basics of Windows PowerShell
  • Explore Windows PowerShell s extensibility and flexibility
  • Discover the new features and enhancements of Windows PowerShell
  • Get to know the PowerShell syntax and grammar such as pipeline^ looping^ and working with objects
  • Extend PowerShell s capabilities with the .NET framework^ XML^ WMI^ and COM+
  • Configure and deploy Windows Server Core features^ services^ and components
  • Manage and configure the Microsoft virtualization platform^ Hyper-V
  • Manage and configure Cloud technologies such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure


Technology�s growing rhythm is running faster than before^ and the business needs are getting more complex every day. Thus^ it is the time to gain a new talent to meet this challenge. With PowerShell in your toolbox^ you can easily perform many tasks in less time^ with less effort^ and with lower costs. This book comes with a set of real-world scenarios and detailed scripts that will help you getting started with PowerShell. You will learn what is new in PowerShell 5.0 such as Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Classes^ automation with Office 365^ writing the syntax^ and building your scripts and developing extensions and modules. You will also gain deep insights into automating various tasks and integrating PowerShell with different technologies^ products^ and tools^ such as Windows Server^ Active Directory^ Nano Server^ Hyper-V^ System Center^ Office 365^ Microsoft Azure^ and more.