MongoDB and Python

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Build high performance real-world applications with Python and MongoDB

Covered topics:

  • Set up Python and MongoDB on your system effectively
  • Ace the fundamentals of MongoDB using mongo Shell Methods
  • Perform CRUD operations using Python
  • Use MongoDB Query Operators and MongoDB Update Modifiers with Python
  • Understand MongoDB capped collections and its use for log analysis
  • Build powerful Python applications that use MongoDB as their database
  • Implement state-of-the-art MongoDB concepts such as indexing^ GridFS^ and aggregation in Python applications


MongoDB is leading the NoSQL market and growing at a very fast pace. It handles terabytes of data and still performs at lightening speed. The scalability that used to be a nightmare is now a piece of cake. MongoDB can spread data over thousands of nodes almost automatically. It is an excellent choice for storing unstructured data^ and therefore can be used in a wide variety of applications. Large numbers of big and small companies are using MongoDB for different purposes and the number is growing exponentially. Learning MongoDB would enable developers to meet the challenges of the big data market. This book is aimed at helping Python developers learn and use MongoDB to build high-performance applications. Almost all the things you need to get started with MongoDB are explained in a very simple yet effective way. The book starts with the installation of MongoDB on all three major platforms^ that is^ Windows^ Linux^ and Mac. Then it familiarizes you with the fundamentals of MongoDB. Gradually^ you will delve into advanced usage of MongoDB such as indexing^ GridFS^ and aggregation framework^ and fundamental operations such as CRUD. Those of you with a SQL background may find a lot of foreign terms while learning MongoDB^ which might be confusing. The book explains these terms clearly and concisely^ allowing you to get to grips with the technology easily. Learning should be fun^ so this book follows a simple and to-the-point approach!