Mastering Windows 8 C++ App Development

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A practical guide to developing Windows Store apps with C++ and XAML

Covered topics:

  • Leverage your existing C++ skills with this new and exciting platform
  • Discover how to effectively use C++/CX to call Windows Runtime APIs
  • Integrate XAML for fast and fluid user interfaces
  • Create custom controls for special UI scenarios
  • Learn how to integrate your application with Windows 8 by implementing contracts
  • Build data-driven apps with XAML^ data binding^ and MVVM


Windows 8 provides an unprecedented opportunity for developers to create applications for a new and exciting platform^ for an entirely new market. Leveraging modern C++ and the new Windows Runtime^ this book guides you through the many facets of WinRT whilst using modern C++ features for ultimate power and performance. Mastering Windows 8 C++ App Development shows you how to create Windows Store apps that use many of the new features and functionality available for Windows 8. You ll discover how you can harness the power of the new Windows Runtime with C++ combined with XAML for the creation of fantastic user experiences. Starting with coverage of C++/CX (a set of extensions that make working with WinRT easier) and user interface design with XAML^ this book shows you how to use major Windows 8 features^ including Live Tiles and Contracts^ while leveraging common patterns such as data binding and the Model View ViewModel (MVVM). You ll discover how WinRT works^ its various capabilities^ and how it can best be leveraged using C++11 and Visual Studio 2012.