Mastering Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap

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Master the art of building a complex web application using AngularJS^ Bootstrap^ Grunt^ Yeoman^ and HighCharts

Covered topics:

  • Use AngularJS directives for different Bootstrap components with Angular UI
  • Create a great work flow using Yeoman and Grunt
  • Construct excellent architecture for real-time features with Yo^ Apache^ Firebase^ and websockets
  • Produce responsive designs with Bootstrap^ as well as media queries^ responsive tables^ and images
  • Customize Bootstrap for your application using Less^ and also learn coloring and typography
  • Use Google Web fonts in your app to customize your webpage
  • Explore HighCharts^ AngularJS directives^ Firebase^ and websockets
  • Master the interaction^ transformation^ transition^ and animation of your application


With the increasing interest in AngularJS and Bootstrap around the technical world^ you could say that it is setting a trend to help users achieve great workflows using Grunt and Yeoman. Built to create dynamic web applications^ AngularJS uses the MVC or MVVM architecture and simplifies the development of complex web applications by extending your application s framework. The combination of AngularJS and Bootstrap aims to help developers easily create modern^ powerful^ customized web applications. From the start^ this book will cover how to set up your workflow with Yeoman and Grunt^ create excellent architecture^ design and customize the layout^ and utilize the innovative and user-friendly features of Bootstrap. By working through the chapters^ you will quickly master the development process with the MVC architecture and move on to using AngularJS directives and HighCharts to create charts for financial projects. Master the usage of Firebase with AngularJS and learn to manipulate data in your chart. Finally^ we will deal with more advanced topics such as how to use websockets^ handle interaction and animations^ and create model popups^ and the best practices when troubleshooting code errors.